Quality Engineers to the Label Industry

Welcome to Holtby Williams International - serving the labelling industry since 1994. Our main business areas -

Servicing and Repairs

We carry out repairs and routine maintenance of most narrow web labelling machines and are UK and Ireland distributors for Grafisk Maskinfabrik and Lintec Europe. We can locate and fit replacement components for machines in need of repair. Older machines may not be running at full capacity and our service can ensure maximum productivity. Find out more about labelling machine our services here.

Equipment Sales

We sell new and used narrow web machinery; our experienced engineers service all used machines and restore them to their original condition. HWI also acts as broker for companies selling their own equipment or companies looking to buy specific machinery. We help companies around the world obtain the best machines to suit their needs. For a full list of our machinery - including Flexographic, narrow web label machines, presses etc. click here.

Factory Relocation Services

Due to the size, weight and complexity of many labeling machines, we offer a transportation service. We can help your business relocate entirely across large distances or simply move machinery on a factory floor. Find out more about our services here.