About Us



Our many engineers are able to travel to your factory and provide an efficient solution to most problems or if the repair cannot be carried out immediately, the machine may need to be inspected at HWI premises.


Your machine may not be running as fast or as smooth as you would wish. HWI engineers will inspect the machine and make any repairs or enhancements necessary to ensure productivity meets your expectations.

Replacement or Spare Parts

Also we are able to source replacement or spare parts for your machines if required. If your machine needs new parts to be manufactured, Holtby Williams can provide assistance in finding or assembling spare parts.

Machinery Movement

If heavy machinery needs to be moved to another location, be it inside the factory or to another site entirely, we can offer a fast and effective removal service. If your machinery needs complex adjustment then we can also transport it to our premises.


Older machines may be in need of restoration and we are able install spare/new parts when needed, to restore it to original specifications. Machinery may need transportation to our workshops in order to complete the necessary work, and HWI provides that service. After refurbishment we will return machinery to your premises in good working order.


Our client list includes Skanem Group, Field Boxmore Group, Spear Europe, MSO Group, N S Macfarlane, Labelsco, CCL Label Group, Multiprint Labels, System Labels, Clondalkan Print Group and many more...


Holtby Williams International is a family run business and was established as an Engineering company in 1994. The workforce has grown steadily over the years along with business growth we employ a number of electrical and mechanical service engineers. By the end of October we will have relocated to our new larger premises based at Crwst Business Park, Conwy "This will enable us to continue to provide the best service possible to our clients" comments Martin Holtby General Manager